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At SellAnalytix, we believe that managing your eCommerce finances should be straightforward, insightful, and integrated. Born from a pain point, our goal is to provide the best method for eCommerce owners to manage their finances.

We’re based out of Massachusetts US, but have remote teammates across the world, and are dedicated to our customer’s satisfaction.

Founder's Story

Being an Amazon seller of over six years and 7-figure sales, I’ve tried various methods of accounting and financial analysis to make more profit. I’ve used QuickBooks for 3+ years, but its lack of user friendliness, affordability, or inability to natively connect to my various sales channels made me frustrated. Programs like A2X help bridge the gap, but they miss the mark by summarizing Amazon’s settlement periods rather than importing individual orders so you can’t get the individual SKU profitability I want.

QuickBooks and A2X worked well enough for accounting, but lacked in data analysis. I found some solace in SellerBoard, but again was frustrated by the complexity of my seemingly simple eCommerce operation. It would show my daily Amazon profit which was great, but wouldn’t take into account other expenses or reconcile payments still requiring me to use my my accounting software and missing the big picture view.

That’s when I started researching if I could make a better software to do it all together. Connect to Amazon and get the individual orders with all their related fees, provide advanced analysis & inventory forecasting, and have it built on a double entry accounting ledger. It’s ambitious, but I believe together we can provide the most comprehensive system to manage your financial operations of an eCommerce business.

Part of the building process has been reaching out to fellow sellers to learn how they do their accounting- so if I’ve reached out to you thank you for the help! We are a small team trying to attack a large problem in the eCommerce space, and will appreciate any help. If you want to contact us please visit our contact page and reach out.


Founder, SellAnalytix

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