What Working with us Looks Like

This document is to explain what each of our processes should look like for the optimal working relationship. Communication and timeliness are two of the most important aspects of our engagement.

Handling Amazon Revenue & Expenses

As you have already connected these accounts to SellAnalytix, nothing is required for data to flow to us.

Handling Inventory Purchases

Inventory is key to any eCommerce business, and getting accurate COGs inputted is critical. Depending on your business method: arbitrage or more private label, the workflow may be different depending if you submit a purchase order to a manufacturer first, or simply buy your desired quantity.

For Online / Retain Arbitrage

Typically those doing OA / RA don’t need to submit a purchase order to the supplier, and instead can buy their desired quantity at will. In this instance, you should provide the receipt/ invoice with an itemized breakdown by SKU and what account you purchased it with.

For Private Label or Wholesale

Most doing these business models are submitting a purchase order to a supplier and having them approve it before production begins. In this case, you can decide to create a purchase order inside our software yourself  or have us to it in the accounting → bill section entering the supplier’s info, SKU’s, and cost

Or, if you have a different method of submitting a purchase order you can continue with that and share with us the itemized description and payment method after it occurred so we can properly account for COGs.

Handling other Revenue Channels

As of now, we only offer a direct integration to Amazon US, with more coming soon (Etsy, Walmart, Shopify, etc). However, as discussed in our onboarding call, we can sign in as view-only users and import data for you on a weekly basis, so once we are signed in there is no extra work required for you on extra channels.

Handling other Expenses

Other debit or credit card purchases like buying shipping materials, website hosting, insurance fees, and more should come out of one of your business accounts and be linked to SellAnalytix on Plaid. When these purchases occur, we will do our best to categorize it, but may ask you for clarification if unsure. 

What this Looks Like in Practice

The best bookkeeping occurs in real time, or close to it (weekly for us). This allows you to see the most accurate picture of your company’s health, and removes the stressful scenario of struggling to be ready for a certain deadline like taxes.

The ideal working relationship has you sending all supporting documents as transactions occur. Make a habit of immediately downloading any virtual documentation and emailing it to us, or if an in person receipt, use a phone scanner to obtain a pdf and text it to us. 

We will handle your ongoing transactions weekly, with reconciliations taking place monthly, and inventory audits quarterly. You also receive one 30 minute call a month to discuss your finances.

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